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Shitennou X Inner senshi crossover Rurouni Kenshin by anemoneploy
Shitennou X Inner senshi crossover Rurouni Kenshin
The pic used for Cafe Latte Contests  of :icontime-after-timexxx:

Kunzite as  Saitō Hajime

Minako as  Himura Battōsai

Nephrite as  Hiko Seijūrō Jūsandai

Makoto as  Kamiya Kaoru

Rei as  Takani Megumi

Jadeite as  Sagara Sanosuke

Ami as  Seta Sōjirō

Zoisite as  Komagata Yumi

I noticed that the character of The Shitennou & Inner senshi. That is similar to the Himura Kenshin. Especially Rei like  Takani Megumi,

Ami like Seta Sōjirō and Kunzite like  Saitō Hajime. I thus bringing them crossovers together into a picture.

According to the prosecution of the contest, which is about a Japanese kimono, arranging flowers or sweets. I remember eating a candy shop. The customers are sitting on the couch with a red cloth at outdoors in mejji period.

Kunzite and Minako are eating Daifuku.It is a glutinous rice cake stuffed with sweet filling, most commonly anko, sweetened red bean paste made from azuki beans.

Nephrite and Makoto 
are eating Tsukimi Dango. Eat a snack at the Tsukimi festival. (Moon-viewing) It  is a Japanese dumpling and sweet made from mochiko (rice flour), related to mochi. It is often served with green tea.

Rei and Jadeite are eating Anmitsu. It is made of small cubes of agar jelly, a white translucent jelly made from red algae. The agar is dissolved with water (or fruit juice such as apple juice) to make the jelly. It is served in a bowl with sweet azuki bean paste or anko (the an part of anmitsu), boiled peas, often gyūhi and a variety of fruits such as peach slices, mikan, pieces of pineapples, and cherries. The anmitsu usually comes with a small pot of sweet black syrup, or mitsu (the mitsu part of anmitsu) which one pours onto the jelly before eating. Anmitsu is usually eaten with a spoon and fork.

In pic Rei was pulling Jadeite ear, Phobos was a voice shouting at him. Because he was stealing Ami's snacks.

Ami and Zoisite 
are eating Mitarashi Dango is eaten year-round, but the different varieties are traditionally eaten in given seasons. Three to four dango are often served on a skewer.Covered with a syrup made from shouyu (soy sauce), sugar and starch.

(credit : Wikipedia…)

Sailor V X Kunzite...and Phantom Ace by anemoneploy
Sailor V X Kunzite...and Phantom Ace
The pic used for The Mysterious Stars Contest  of :icontime-after-timexxx:

I think Codename Sailor V still has the aura of the whodunit novel argument, more or less. It would be the topic '
The Mysterious Stars'

In my personal preference. I like Sailor V to duet with Kunzite. (Because I'm Inner senshi & Shitennou) More than Phantom Ace was a hero of this story, I felt he did not fit her as Kunzite. I became anti 
 Phantom Ace. I so often depicted in a love triangle. I'm always drawn Phantom Ace to which seemed disappointed to see the show their love for Sailor V and Kunzite. Like the stories in this picture.

I draft their posture from a cover of the Blu-ray VOL6. This is a gesture of Usagi & Tuxedo Mask. She held his mask in order to know the true identity he is Chiba Mamoku. I took that stance to change Sailor V and Kunzite...Indeed, if you read the manga. He isn't Kunzite. But he is Saito. He had a face like Kunzite. And a man who is the senpai(senior) he is the only school with her, And first love and first kiss with Minako. She transmute is Sailor V and had come to rescue him from his demons. He did not know she was younger school same like him. She then left without telling the truth, that him might know. Because he in love with Okamoto sensei, Minako's teacher. This is an unrequited love for her. After that, they are not back together again. In pic, They are wearing a string of prayer. Sailor V wear in wrist and Saito wear in ankle. If prayer wearer's true. Rope is broken. I draw Kunzite instead of Saito. To  Sailor V  disappointment in love again with true lover is Kunzite in the past life. Not Phantom Ace.


arada preechapanya
Invite you to join this my villain and The Circus contest by :iconsailor-moon-club:

Clike here.…

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